We are able to return to playing competitive hockey. The risk of COVID-19 transmission during hockey is low, but there are changes we all need to make to keep everyone as safe as we can.

The club’s COVID-19 Officer is Jez Higgins, email jez@jezuk.co.uk, or phone/WhatsApp 07889 953414.

If you have any questions please get in touch with him. If you showing any COVID-19 symptoms, you must contact the NHS for a test, and must contact him as soon as possible.

As we prepare to return to training and league hockey, there are steps we all must take

  1. Complete the England Hockey Participation Agreement. Every player must complete this agreement before they are able to attend training or play a match.
  2. At every training session or game you attend, whether home or away, you must electronically sign in. You can bookmark this link, there will be QR codes posted at Woodrush, and it’s also on the club home page. If you forget or are unable to sign in, you must inform Jez Higgins the same day. We need to report attendance information to England Hockey for track and trace purposes promptly, and so it is important it is correct. At away games, the hosting club may also ask you to sign in. If this is the case, you must sign in with Kings Heath too.

During each training session or match, please follow the England Hockey COVID-19 guidance. We also have our own site-specific protocols.

Before play:

  • Bring hand sanitizer
  • Arrive in your playing kit
  • Self-assess for COVID-19 symptoms. If you have any symptoms you MUST NOT play, should contact the NHS for a test, and must contact the club COVID-19 officer.

Outside of play:

  • Sign in
  • Follow government travel advice
  • Socially distance at 2m distance, in groups of no more than 6
  • Clean hands during breaks
  • Follow site rules when using indoor spaces

During play:

  • Respect opposition and umpires
  • Take penalty corners and free-hites around the D promptly
  • Touch the ball with stick or GK kit, not your hands
  • Use only your own protective equipment
  • Socially distance when play stops
  • Avoid spitting or excessive shouting
  • No handshakes or close contact with other players during goal celebrations

After play:

  • Clean your kit
  • If you develop symptoms, you should contact the NHS for a test, and must contact the club’s COVID-19 officer
  • Changing facilities will not be available at Woodrush, or most (if not all) away venues.
  • No teas 🙁