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Chris’s slacking off on holiday this week, so Jez here filling in.

Awards Night is just around the corner – a week this Saturday. We need your donations for raffle prizes and if anyone wants to build a playlist this year, please let Chris know. Or just bring your phone along on the night I guess.

You might want to get a cup of tea in for this week’s bumper collection of match reports (a double dose of Mens 2s! a novel-length Mens 1s report!) …

Ladies 1s vs Bromsgrove Ladies 3s, WON 3-2
Match Report by Carol

A spirited performance from the ladies 1s that saw them take on top of table and fellow promotion hopefuls Bromsgrove and come out narrow 3-2 victors. All 3 goals coming from Sophie Brown who was also named player of the match. A very aggressive attacking performance and a decent performance from the defence as well. Both opposition goals came from short corners. The promotion dream still lives on.

Mens 2s vs Stafford, LOST 6-1
Match Report By Harry Higgins

This match against Stafford was an intense battle, which demanded the utmost of our entire squad. Trying to keep our resolve against a brutal side required a very resilient team, who could still attempt to thrive in the face of adversity. Our efforts were aided by the former player, turned full time dad, Dan Cook, who despite many an attempt didn’t manage to score! However, with an amazing shot through the keeper’s legs off a short corner, Hendo was able to keep our morale high for some of the game! Over all, this match was an unfortunate loss to end the season and hopefully we can improve on this next year.

Ladies 2s vs Redditch 2s, LOST 3-2
Match Report by Jackie

A very pleasant change to last week. Promising debut this week for Edi Timmins.

First half saw Kings Heath dominating play once again with very little to show for the possession we had. Redditch having to thank their GK for keeping them in the match. On the rare occasion Redditch pushed forward they scored the opener, which we quickly followed with a goal from Carina. Kings Heath worked the ball well down the right wing with some good passing play between Connie and Amity.

Second half saw Redditch once again take the lead, with Kings Heath equalizing with a scrambled goal eventually crossing the line from Sam. Both teams were playing for the win which Redditch caught us out on the break late into the 2nd half to give them a 3-2 victory.

Player of the match was given to Carina Taylor.

Mens 3s vs Leamington, LOST 4-2
Match Report by Matt Minshall

Like Lions They Fought!

And as at Rourke’s Drift the 3rd XI were outnumbered after Andy and Connor Winspur helped bolster the 2s so with 8 players including Badgers Matt Wilmot and Fin Hay we assembled. We considered offering the opposition the points and playing a friendly to avert a landslide defeat but when we realised they only had 10 we thought we might give it a go. We started with aggression and panache but within 5 minutes we conceded, and so felt that sinking feeling for a minute, then we realised they had no answer to our fast aggressive play. Mat and Fin passing quickly 1 – 2, John and Sam making piercing runs and Saj, Ibby and Jez bossing from defence into midfield. John Byrne equalised and we started to think perhaps we might have them. The game went in wave after wave, to and fro, despite being numerically inferior we stood strong, until we conceded again then scored again. Leamington were getting frustrated and their rather rotund giant of a captain got a green for moaning that it just wasn’t fair. We ended the first half honours even at 2 – 2.

We discussed our tactics at half time and decided to change nothing after the spanking we had given them whilst listening in to the oppo berate each other and trying not to laugh loud enough to be overheard. We expected a change of tactics but little changed for 15 minutes or so except for their captain trying to intimidate the youngsters with rough physical play. Like some knuckle dragging thug he tried to barge into our players as they mostly danced around him. When he did connect our lads just brushed it off but Cllr Stacey would not stand for such bully boy tactics and gave the bounder a yellow. They did play better without him and tiredness eventually took its toll on us with a 4 – 2 loss, but I could not be more proud of our boys. It was like watching Brazil!

After I took Leamington back to our for teas I would conclude that they were generally a thoroughly nice bunch. They suggested I should be man of the match for our team for the many saves but that must go to Matt Wilmot for our second goal. And then I sat politely not laughing as they jovially and unanimously voted their captain Dick of the Day.

More game days should be like this.

Mens 2s vs Solihull Blossomfield, Walkover
Match Report by Jez

We had a team. After some late night work on the phone by Graham and Andy, we had umpires. We had lovely sunny weather. We just didn’t have any opposition. On the phone, Bloss claimed a communication breakdown, but Graham’s frowny face suggested he wasn’t entirely convinced.

Badgers vs Bournville, Moral Draw 3-1
Match Report by Jez

Perhaps perturbed by having not just one but two subs, we couldn’t, despite good work all across the pitch, prevent Bournville taking a 3-0 lead into the half-time break. At worst, it really should have been 2-0, the third goal really was a fluke.

However, a splendid defensive performance in the second half shut Bournville out completely – I lost count of how many tackles went in and how many saves goalkeeper George made. He was on fire in the second half! Some good attacking play saw the ball fall to Fin in front of goal and he took his time to scoop it in. Top stuff.

Well done also to Emmie, who was making her out-field debut. Solid performance.

This was my last game with Badgers and it was a lovely game to end on. Thanks kids, thanks parents. I’ve enjoyed it very much.

Mens 1s vs Leamington
Match Report by Matt Sparling

Kings Heath 2 – 2 Leamington Official score
Kings Heath 2 – 1 Leamington Correct score

Explanation to follow…

So last game of the season (sort of), nothing to play for (league restructure suggests there may not be any movement upwards even for the champions), Jason too busy to make the meet time and bring Jeevs and Kabs on time, just going through the motions really.

Then the ‘Champions elect’ arrive before the home side! Leamington would secure Championship and ‘promotion’ when (not if) they beat Kings Heath. So, Josh goes to the changing rooms to be met by 15 excitable Leamingtonians playing some really poor music (including the UEFA Champions League anthem!) on some sort of device and in celebratory mood!

So, this is a match report, so I will report! It was clear that Kings Heath’s 11 ½ would face a real test from the very pumped up Leamington 14; and so it was from the first whistle, being pushed back into a defensive position from the outset. Defensive and slightly on the back foot, however, did not mean that Kings Heath were just going to roll over and let Leamington win ‘promotion’. It was clear that when Mark got his aerials right and stopped swearing at himself it caused chaos at the back for Leamington. Ironically though a flowing team move starting with Nelly at the back resulted in stunning goal being scored by Lou.

Leamington reacted by going on the attack and made a number of pressing moves which earned them several short corners which came to nought, but the pressure was to pay when a ghost/spectre/apparition wearing a Leamington shirt that only the umpire could see deflected a strike from outside the D on to Nelly’s stick and into the bottom corner of the goal. No matter the protestations from the Kings Heath players who couldn’t see said ghost/spectre/apparition the umpire deemed it was a goal!

That’s it floodgates would open, and Leamington could go and do their victory dance, the win would be a formality, and so it would appear, a second goal followed when a 1:1 with Matt Sparling (Spaz to everyone else) save led to the ball falling into the path of the angriest 16 year old ever who trickled it into the goal. A few more chances fell to Leamington, but the half time whistle blew.

The second half started much better for Kings Heath and a raft of chances came and went as the intensity increased and Leamington players became more anxious, leading to indiscipline and a total of 5 yellow cards by the away side. The pressure from the home side told and although Jon could have scored it was the skipper with a fine goal that led to the “equalizer”.

Leamington were really rattled and the indiscipline continued but they regrouped following the shout of “come on lads 20 minutes to be champions”. A couple of attacks followed and then a ball into the D was met by David “Beckham” Smart who kicked it and the Umpire signalling a penalty flick! Cue Leamington euphoria and the Captain step up to the plate to score the winner! Well as the author of this tale and the goal keeper facing the flick I’d like to tell you about the stunning save and look of shock from everyone at such a Worldie… In truth it was a poor flick and a simple save but 100% save rate from flicks for the season!

The game ran its course, more chances went begging for both sides, a couple of good saves from both keepers and Josh made a worldie on the line (see above comments about the penalty flick). The final whistle blew and that was it… Sort of!

Back to the club for teas, Mark and Matt (Spaz), having had to put up with even more appalling music in the changing rooms, welcomed our opposition and duly went on to inform them that according to the new league structure we would probably see them next season in the newly formed South West 1 league, funnily enough they didn’t take it in the
same spirit that we did ;-0



Saturday 7th
(hopefully) Mens 3s vs Solihull Blossomfield Away
Senior Awards Club
Sunday 8th
12:30pm (tbc) U16s vs Edgbaston Away
1:30pm Ladies 1s vs Nuneaton Away


  • Awards Night – 7th April in the Cartland Room.
  • Any news on Wooly?
  • Lewis Powis Memorial Trophy Game (FA Cup Day) is on 19th May. Details to follow.
  • Membership was due for renewal at the start of the year. If you have not paid your subs please do as soon as possible. We need the funds to pay for pitches, coaches, insurance, league fees etc. If you need a membership form or any other details please ask your captain or Chris.
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