At Woodrush there is only a single entrance to the astroturf. Inside the gate, there is a strip of hardstanding separated from the astro by a low fence. This fence has several gate giving access onto the astro, including one directly by the main gate. In order to avoid this main entrance becoming a potential bottleneck players, officials, and spectators should follow the KH Match Day Protocols.

Players, Coaches, Umpires

  • Sign-in electronically when you arrive at the venue
    • You MUST sign in
    • There will be QR codes displayed prominently outside the astroturf.
    • You must sign in for every match or training session you attend.
    • Junior players should be signed in by a responsible adult.
  • Do not use the gate immediate opposite the main entrance to go onto the astro.
  • Home players and officials should turn left through the gate, and go onto the astro through the gate at the far end of the pitch.
  • Away players and officials will be directed to the right through the gate, and to go onto the astro through the gate two thirds along the pitch.
  • If there is a match in progress when you arrive, you must not go on to the pitch until it has finished. You must wait pitch side, while maintaining social distance, until the game has finished and those players start to leave.
  • At the end of your game, leave the pitch promptly using the central gates and straight out through the main entrance. There is no need to sign out.
  • When arriving, give those leaving the astro priority and do not crowd the entrance area.

These protocols will be provided to visiting teams ahead of time, and will be supported by signs on pitch side.


  • Spectators should wait in the car park until the players have taken the pitch, and players from any previous game have left the astro.
  • Spectators must not go onto the playing surface.
  • Spectators may remain in their family groups, but should otherwise maintain social distance.
  • Under the England Hockey guidance, spectators are not required to sign-in, but we would request that they do. In the event of track and trace being required, it will help speed the process.